What is FractonX?

FractonX is an industry-leading fractionalization protocol, using an omni layer of infrastructure that reshapes any asset for the best price discovery opportunity.

Established as a NFT fractionalization infrastructure, Fracton Protocol boasts a commendable track record:

  • 5000+ blue-chip NFTs fractionalized

  • 3+ billion dollars in trading volume on KuCoin, Lbank and Uniswap

  • 27+ meticulously curated blue-chip NFT collections.

What makes Fracton truly special is its vision, rooted deeply in the focus of trading and price discovery opportunities.

FractonX' first killer user case is an NFT financial infrastructure that extracts the financial attribute of NFTs from their utility attribute, making blue-chip NFTs affordable and composable into both CEX and Dapps. It allows NFTs to be fractionalized and repackaged to ERC-20 tokens where each ERC-20 token is backed by 1/1,000,000 of the original NFT. Based on a deeply reformed tech design, Fracton is built by state-less centric smart contracts that increase the protocol’s efficiency with lower gas fees and maximized asset security.

FractonX goes beyond the accolades of its predecessor. With a renewed vision, it endeavors to reshape our interaction with digital assets and the infrastructure of trading and liquidity. The transformation is not limited but expansive.

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