Why Choose Fracton Protocol?

Effortlessly trade and own blue-chip NFTs

Fracton’s hiNFTs are one of the most traded and liquid NFT ETFs. As of Jan 13th, 2023, there are currently 20 series of NFT collections that are fractionalized and listed on Kucoin, generating millions of volumes each day.

Swap NFTs within the same collection

For NFT Holders who wish to swap for different traits' NFT in the same collection, he/she can permissionless do so on Fracton Protocol.

Build on top of Fracton

Fracton’s negligible fees and smart contract architecture enable high composability for DeFi development. Fracton provides 2 steps of fractionalization (Raw NFT(ERC721)-pNFT (ERC1155)-hiNFT (ERC20)) with a fixed swap rate for target NFT collection.

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