Fracton Token($FT)


The Fracton token($FT) is a key part of Fracton infrastructure, as it serves as the governance token, encourages user participation, and is the primary payment token within the Fracton ecosystem.

1. Exclusive Access: The Gateway to More

FractonX isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a revolution to tackle more problems we in the trading space for illiquid assets. As we break the mold, moving beyond the traditional fractionalisation of blue-chip, high value NFTs, the realm of possibilities expands.

  • Expand to the world of illiquid Assets: Our team, dedicated and sleep-deprived, is consistently breaking ground with novel asset ideas. From NFTs to Real World Assets (RWAs) and even MEMEs, the infrastructure of FractonX is a powerhouse of adaptability.

  • Benefits Galore: In recognition of the trust placed in us, FT holders are in for a bonanza of benefits.

2. Governance: Voice of the People

Our philosophy is simple: those who are invested in our journey should steer our course. Governance is set to go democratic, letting FT holders shape the ecosystem’s destiny.

  • Leadership and Rewards: Your voice in governance will not just influence outcomes but also determine your standing in the Fracton Points Leaderboard. It’s not just participation; it’s rewarding participation.

3. Real yield: The Fruits of Community Effort

At FractonX, every fractionalisation contributes to our collective treasury. It’s a model of shared growth.

  • Growing Treasury: As the platform thrives, our treasury, brimming with hiNFT tokens, stands as a testament to shared success.

  • Airdrops or Value Boost: Whether it’s through redistributing tokens or initiating a deflationary cycle, FT’s value proposition is set to skyrocket.


$FT has a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens. Here is a breakdown of how these tokens will be distributed.


DAO Treasury


To grow the Fracton ecosystem and community.

Mining Incentives


To incentive early adopters and active users



Reserved to raise funding from strategic round and private/public sales



To reward advisors for the long-term success of Fracton



To compensate the core team members who developed the product and its infrastructures.



Reserved to create demand and influence taget audiences' behavior.



IEO token allocation is the distribution of tokens to participants in an Initial Exchange Offering.

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