Tech Design Philosophy

Through the development process of creating Fracton Protocol, the dev team is centered around the following design philosophies:

  • Secure

  • Stateless

  • Smart


Besides rounds of internal/external audits on the Fracton protocol’s smart contracts, each line of code Fracton protocol deployed on the blockchain is non-upgradeable.

It ensures that the smart contract is fixed and cannot be altered, even by the contract's creator itself. This can give users of the contract greater confidence as non-upgradeable smart contracts are simpler and more secure, with no need to include code to handle updates or modifications.

Stateless System Design

Fracton Protocol fully utilizes the contract state variables within a framework to implement business logic and process control while optimizing gas consumption by avoiding the addition of new state variables.

There are a few reasons why it is important:

  • Users pay fewer gas fees

  • Help Ethereum to better scale and decentralize

  • Create better composability for the Dapps that build on top of the Fracton protocol

Smart Token Development

A “think” protocol design is followed as most of the business functions are embedded under the token contract in order to achieve high efficiency between contract calls.

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